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Interior Design: Do you dream of  a home that reflects your style, full of  “pretty” things both new and old but your just not sure how to create that look. Pretty Fêtes specialty is listening and attention to detail. We enjoy creating beautiful environments, whether they be indoors or out that draw you in, make you want to stay and just be. Let us help design a perfect space for your home or business.

Prop Styling: When styling, I’m constantly thinking about how to achieve more than just a pretty picture, but a world in which viewers can become a part. To me, my goal  is to style vignettes with a sense of life and emotion that make you want to look twice… linger and often times something being a bit “off,” is far more interesting than everything looking too perfect and “just so.”

Be it styling for parties, events, weddings, creating window displays and installations for stores, designing tablescapes and centerpieces for restaurants and hotels, to helping home owners and real estate agents in staging and beautifying homes and properties I LOVE it…it’s my happy place.



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Interior design and or styling  consultations are complimentary and are meant as a time for me to listen to your needs and wants and for us to discuss the vision and scope of work. I will follow up within 3 to 5 business days with a design and or styling proposal. Once the proposal is agreed upon you will receive a contract that states my offerings and your budget. After receiving your contract the design process will begin.

Design fees are $75hr. Styling only fees range between $35 to $55 per hour with a minimum of 6 hours.