Pretty fêtes Signature Birthday arrangement



Pretty Fêtes…

what a fabulous job I have! I get to create one of a kind gorgeous flower arrangements and style your special occasion in such a wondrous way that you will smile…like that great big smile that warms your heart and everyone around you. Pretty Fêtes is a boutique design firm founded by the Owner and Creative Director Shannon Neels.

I get to do…what I love doing… everyday. I get to play a part in creating wondrous occasions, be it big or small. of  All the frill, all the fuss and I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Things that make my heart sing

My husbands smile ~ being Max and Ruby’s mama ~ dinner with great friends ~music that fills my heart

the wonders and gifts of God. ~ slow dancing ~ candles ~ letterpress

linens ~ chandeliers  ~ a beautifully set table

Flowers, Flowers and Flowers